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Dispatches of our site

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1. Advice of the lawyer on every day (Ukraine).

It is the basic dispatch of a site. From dispatch you learn:

- how to protect the rights;

- how to not fall a victim to swindlers;

- as will address in court;

- and also answers to questions on family, administrative, civil, to criminal law and many other things.

Dispatches Subscribe.Ru
Advice of the lawyer on every day.
Advice of the lawyer on every day.

2. As it is pleasant to the employer.

Dispatch gives answers to two questions: 1) how to find good work; 2) how to like the employer.

In dispatch effective technologies of search and reception of work, questions of a writing of the resume, successful passage of interview and a trial period are shined.

As it is pleasant to the employer.

3. Outsourcing in business.

In the modern world all is more often used model of outsourcing. In Russian outsourcing loan of resources from the outside " sounds as ". In other words, outsourcing is a performance by the foreign organization of the certain tasks or the some people the business-processes, usually not being profile for business of the company, but, nevertheless, necessary for high-grade functioning business.

In business this dispatch also is devoted to Discussion of questions of use of outsourcing. Reading you find out dispatch:

- how to focus efforts to the processes, being the cores for the company, i.e. on what directly make a profit;

- how to reduce staff of the company due to not profile experts for business;

- how to lower expenses for search, selection and integration of new experts (any new employee demands on adaptation from 3 till 6 months, sometimes more, for full understanding of specificity of work);

- how to lower indirect expenses; - how to avoid duplication of key experts (for example, for the small company enough one system administrator, and functioning of system crucial for business, in this case there is a necessity of replacement by a case of illness, holiday, etc.);

- how to lower expenses for training of technical experts, etc.

Dispatches Subscribe.Ru
Outsourcing in business.

4. " Film of day " on the Ukrainian telechannels.

The review of the best film which will be shown on national channels is daily published In dispatch: ICTV, STB, Tonis, New channel, 1+1, Inter, TET, etc. Reading dispatch, you do not drop anything interesting!

Dispatches Subscribe.Ru
"Film of day" on the Ukrainian telechannels.
"Film of day" on the Ukrainian telechannels

5. Weather forecast the nearest three days (press on the name of your city).

Donetsk , Dnepropetrovsk , Kharkov , Zaporozhye , Lvov , Nikolaev , Krivoi Rog.

Recommended dispatches

(for detailed acquaintance with dispatch, press on its name)

1. Studying karate shotokan (Ukraine).

Karate shotokan - the profound studying. Style - shotokan. Effective self-defense. For all those who considers{counts}, that karate it not only sports! Studying of the ancient technics{technical equipment}, the latent aspects well-known tehnics, spiritual development. Communication{connection} karate with aikido, u-shu, kung-fu, a judo. Application working skills in a real life.

2. Linux in Ukraine: migration with Windows.

In dispatch it is told about how without serious consequences to pass with Windows on Linux, on what is necessary to pay attention how to choose the distribution kit, how to pick up analogues win-programs and many other things. Also you learn as all quickly to adjust and begin high-grade work.

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