Drawing up of complaints
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Drawing up of complaints

In this section you can order drawing up for you complaints in any body or instance of Ukraine. In the complaint joins both a statement of your requirements, and references to the legislation that proves them.

From you it is required to describe the situation only. Necessary for drawing up of the complaint the additional information we shall specify all at you on e-mail.

Pay attention, that you receive on the e-mail already completely ready, and properly issued complaint which to you needs to be unpacked and signed only !

Cost of drawing up of one complaint - $ 20 . Payment is made in any currency convenient for you and different ways.

After product of payment fill the form of inquiry resulted below. The complaint for you will be constituted during 2 days from the moment of receipt of payment.

the Order of payment:
  1. Press the button "to pay".

  2. On following page fill data of the buyer (it will be necessary for you to specify the name and e-mail).

  3. After that the list from the diversified ways of payment will be presented to you - choose any (all about 20 various ways of payment).

  4. Confirm payment.

  5. On yours e-mail the information on payment and number of the account will come.

The form of inquiry about drawing up of the complaint:

Your name:

Your E-mail*:

Describe your situation:

Requisites of payment*:

* Necessarily fill these fields. At them not filling or incorrect filling the claim will not be constituted. In a field " Requisites of payment " specify completely yours First name, middle initial, last name, a maturity date and a way of payment.

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