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Hi dear visitor! Is glad to pay compliments you on this site. For the beginning it shall briefly be presented: my name is Nikolay Blohin, I the author and the founder of the given site, and now under the order I shall tell:

About the project

As so has developed, that legal services dear enough they far not are accessible to all. Besides in small cities and villages quality and availability of a legal aid leaves much to be desired.

Considering these circumstances I have decided to make a legal aid more accessible both at the price of and to quality, and on availability of any point of Ukraine (where there is an Internet, certainly:-).

As a result of long meditations this site also has been created. Now the prices for legal services of this site in some times below, than cost such services in an offline, and their quality and speed of granting considerably above.

The Main task of this site, - to make legal services convenient for use.

About collective

At present above the decision of your problems:-) 4 skilled lawyers (not including me) work:

Yevstigneyev Oleg Borisovich, specializes on civil and the family law, a practical operational experience the lawyer of 12 years.

Semirenko Vasily Petrovich, specializes on criminal and administrative law, a practical operational experience the lawyer of 15 years.

Krasin Natalia Sergeevna, the practical operational experience the lawyer of 6 years specializes on labour, ground and the fiscal law.

Fedorchuk Grigory Dmitrievich, specializes on the economic right, a practical operational experience the lawyer of 7 years.

About a site

At a writing of a site text editors were used only (Editplus, Notepad ++, PHP Designer 2007, PHP Expert Editor), all code is written manually, visual editors I cannot suffer.

Pages comprise both html, and php. At creation of last version of a site (that you now see before yourselves) was used certain similarity CMS of own writing.

Why I have not taken ready CMS or have not ordered it at a web-studio? The answer is simple - because I in a condition to write it, besides I like to program.

About itself

I have the maximum juridical education (has finished National legal academy of Ukraine Jaroslav Mudrogo's of name, has received a honours degree).

After the termination of academy worked in organs of the Prosecutor's Office, however in due course has understood, that there in anything useful and interesting are not engaged. Therefore has left therefrom and has borrowed in private practice.

Now I work above several projects on the Internet (this site one of them), I advise a number of firms, and also I am engaged in web-consulting and outsourcing.

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