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This site is created for rendering all spectrum of legal services through the Internet. Now by means of the Internet and our site you can receive legal services not leaving from the house or office , under the prices considerably below what in an offline. Try to take advantage of legal services through the Internet, you will see are very conveniently!

The site can be divided into four sections.

The first section refers to "Services for citizens", and contains legal services which we give to citizens. It includes legal aid, answers to questions asked by you on various branches of law of Ukraine, service on drawing up of claims and applications, and also useful legal councils and legal advices.

This section will be interesting to all citizens to whom legal aid or a legal aid is necessary. Services and are given to consultation only concerning the Ukrainian legislation.

In the second section under the name "Services for business" are presented our legal services for business (the small and average enterprises). Here legal materials and the consultations, touching business in Ukraine and consequently will be interesting to businessmen ї*nbsp are collected; to workers of firms. Also here you will find free-of-charge books on business, samples of contracts and other necessary documents.

Each of the listed sections contains a line of legal services which are given by skilled practising lawyers.

"Services for lawyers" — so the third section refers to. In it a plenty of the information which will be useful as practising lawyers, and that who only studies jurisprudence contains. Here you can find legal articles, legal abstracts, is free-of-charge download and to read through books and textbooks by the right, all codes of Ukraine. Also here it is possible to receive own E-mail and a site.

In the fourth section under the name "Miscellaneous" are collected the various information which though directly and is not connected with jurisprudence, however will be useful and interesting to you. Pages devoted to dispatches of a site, weather, television films, news, etc.

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