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In 2001 parents have died: mother in September, the father in November, were married. The inheritance after mother - a summer residence (purchase in 1997г.), the car (donation in 1994г.), after the father - an apartment (purchase in 1993г.)

Successors two sons: the First (lives separately), has submitted the application has not submitted. How under the law the inheritance should be meted? Thanks for the answer.

At hereditary succession by apparent heirs children (including adopted), the spouse and parents (adoptive fathers) died are in equal proportions.

That is all property belonging your parents, should be divided between you and your brother in equal proportions.

Distribution of inhertited property is made under the agreement of the successors who have accepted the inheritance. At недостижении agreements the section is made judicially according to the shares, due to each of legal heirs.

At reception of residence permit in Russia, whether the person has the right to registration of pension if the seniority has passed in Ukraine?

According to ст.4 the Law of the Russian Federation from 20.11.90 № 340-1 " About the state pensions in the Russian Federation " with the subsequent changes, citizens of other union republics living in the Russian Federation have the right to reception of pension in accordance with general practice with citizens of the Russian Federation if other is not statutory or the contract.

Workers Энергонадзора at check of the electric meter have drawn up a statement about " wrong inclusion of the counter and an opportunity of understating of payment for the electric power ". I have not signed the certificate further?

According to item 38 " Instructions for use electric energy for the population " approved by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine from 26.07.1999 years № 1357 The supplier of electric energy is obliged to give the information on the services connected with electrosupply; to consider and claims of consumers concerning the given services connected with delivery of electric energy, therefore refusal by workers РОЭ (a regional department of power sale) in granting to you the above-stated information is illegal.

Besides in default the consumer from the signature in the certificate was signed by three representatives of the supplier of electric energy.

In case of damage of the device of the account of electric energy the consumer has the right to initiate carrying out of examination which is spent by the commission of the supplier of the electric power or Committee concerning standardization, metrology and certification or its is constituted.

The supplier of electric energy has the right to disconnect damage of devices of the account of the electric power (counter) or failure of seals.

In this case, decision РОЭ (the supplier of electric energy) on charge to you of the penalty is disputable enough, therefore at presence at you the given decision it is possible to appeal against desires judicially.

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