Copy Fights: The Future of Intellectual Property in the Information Age

ISBN : 1930865244


: 2002

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295 pages.This collection of essays "springs" from the Fifth Annual Cato/Forbes ASAP Technology and Society conference, "The Future of Intellectual Property in the Information Age," and is split into two parts: Theory (comprising four essays) and Current Disputes in Intellectual Property Law (consisting of 14 essays). Contributors include John Perry Barlow, Tom W. Bell, Jim DeLong, Mitch Glazier, Jessica Litman, and Peter Wayner. The work contains varying perspectives and is quite current. There are several articles on Napster and the implications of Peer-to-Peer technology. However, while claiming to deal with intellectual property as a whole, there is not one article about trademarks, and the articles about patents mostly concern themselves with business methods. With copious notes and familiar faces, this collection has promise, but these arguments have been presented before and nothing significantly new has been added. Recommended only for intellectual property library collections and completists.